My "Not Bees" Contract

“I have a large cone of bees on the window of my house, and I need someone to remove them. Can you come?” I don’t know how Ms. Eloise found me.  It doesn’t matter.  I love getting out and finding out where bees have showed up and invaded people’s personal space.  She sounded concerned. AContinue reading “My "Not Bees" Contract”

Vacuuming the Bees

You meet with the person in charge of the auditorium, and are immediately put at ease by his easygoing demeanor and easy smile.  After showing you how to find the ladder, Mr. Artiss opens the door to let you hook up the vacuum.  You have coordinated with a co-worker to meet you and hold theContinue reading “Vacuuming the Bees”

Nylon Screen

Congratulations.  You just wasted 15 dollars more (you are only getting $200 for this, by the way).  The nylon does not hold up, flopping closed before you ever even apply the glue to it.  Worse, because you cut it to try it out, you can’t even return it to Home Depot.  Would you like toContinue reading “Nylon Screen”

A New Day

It is a bright, new day, and you have it all figured out. Overnight, you worried the idea over and over.  And finally decided on a course of action.  You are going to swap out your ShopVac for the one your wife has.  Hers is more powerful, and won’t lose suction so easily.  You haveContinue reading “A New Day”

Aluminum Screen

OK, you have decided to go with an aluminum screen cone.  Good call.  Aluminum screen is hardy, weather resistant, and a little bit pokey – so you can keep the bees from reentering.  So now you are off to the local hardware store to buy an $8 roll – the smallest available – of aluminumContinue reading “Aluminum Screen”

Keep Working – Night-Time Edition

You really aren’t too bright, are you? Bees stung you through the suit, you flailed in response, dropping the vacuum and falling off the ladder.  As you fell, you dislodged the bucket with the bees, which fell on top of you. Your screams could be heard for miles. Lee Robinson, who advised you not toContinue reading “Keep Working – Night-Time Edition”

Back to the Drawing Board

Sometimes, it is best to just take a beat, and read, and think, and plan a little more.  Sure, there is a time for action, but sometimes, you gain insight by putting the chutzpah on hold and plotting things through a little better. The books talk a lot about trap-outs, and how they work.  Essentially,Continue reading “Back to the Drawing Board”

Removals (x2)

“I am reading through this contract, and the way I read it, you will not replace the work that you tear out.  Am I reading that right?” It is a fair question.  A fair thing to ask.  Mr. Victor Robinson has a tenant who was looking to have bees removed from his back porch, andContinue reading “Removals (x2)”

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