Taking, Pried In my Work, with a Stinging Postscript

Back at it. (If you just want to read about me getting stung repeatedly, skip to that part of the story at the bottom of the entry, under follow-up:) I was determined today to remove the eave bracket and get at the honeybees inside.  Suited up, grabbed the crowbar, and started crowbarring. The first partContinue reading “Taking, Pried In my Work, with a Stinging Postscript”

Late-Season Removal

The bees were pretty aggressive.  That was a change. The lift.  Bees were located betweenthe two windows on the right Several months ago, Mrs. Joyce Clingan called me and asked me to remove the bees that were in the corner of her home.  We had planned to schedule the removal to coincide with the fixingContinue reading “Late-Season Removal”

Make no Mistake

This was a terrible idea. After a day, you revisit the site, and vacuum the huge number of bees collecting outside, trying to find their way into the hive using the old entrance.  And for whatever reason, the vacuum is more successful than previous days, and you actually get draw through the bucket.  Thousands uponContinue reading “Make no Mistake”

Cone Trap – Brushy Mountain Part 2

Regardless of how you got here, whether you simply waited or you used some interim measure to try it first, the time finally comes to apply the cone you bought from Brushy Mountain Bee Farms.  And it works. The bees are able to get out, but not get back in.  The escaped bees look forContinue reading “Cone Trap – Brushy Mountain Part 2”

Taking the Job

“Mr. Lawton?” “No, ma’am.  That was my dad.  I am just Crorey.” “Oh.” Not an unusual start to a conversation – it usually starts this way.  After introductions, get down to the business of signing contracts, and walk out with a contract for $200 per hive removal.  Discounted because the city is letting you useContinue reading “Taking the Job”

Vacuuming the Bees

You meet with the person in charge of the auditorium, and are immediately put at ease by his easygoing demeanor and easy smile.  After showing you how to find the ladder, Mr. Artiss opens the door to let you hook up the vacuum.  You have coordinated with a co-worker to meet you and hold theContinue reading “Vacuuming the Bees”

A New Day

It is a bright, new day, and you have it all figured out. Overnight, you worried the idea over and over.  And finally decided on a course of action.  You are going to swap out your ShopVac for the one your wife has.  Hers is more powerful, and won’t lose suction so easily.  You haveContinue reading “A New Day”

Aluminum Screen

OK, you have decided to go with an aluminum screen cone.  Good call.  Aluminum screen is hardy, weather resistant, and a little bit pokey – so you can keep the bees from reentering.  So now you are off to the local hardware store to buy an $8 roll – the smallest available – of aluminumContinue reading “Aluminum Screen”

Bees Inside

Bee-tween the window and the drapes. I love bees.  Bees are a delightful part of nature. But.  Nature, I am told, is intended to remain outside the walls of our homes.  To establish our safe haven within a location of our choosing, we beat back the weeds and the animals and the insects, and weContinue reading “Bees Inside”

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