Bees in the Mail

I ordered bees this week. They will arrive some time early in April. In. The. Mail. (I should probably mention to John, our friendly neighborhood mailman – that they are on the way. He might want to take a week off…) I have always thought that was one of the coolest things about beekeeping –Continue reading “Bees in the Mail”

Karen Bees (Or, I need to speak to your manager)

After removing bees from my Shadow’s house, I was under strict instructions to do what I could to make sure that the bees survived the transplant. (If you haven’t read that entry, you should). Transplanting bees is not always easy. A whole bunch of factors come into play with re-homing bees, and they can beContinue reading “Karen Bees (Or, I need to speak to your manager)”

We’re BACK!

For every bee removal job I complete, I provide some strongly worded suggestions about what the next steps need to be. After explaining that you DO NOT want me as your repair carpenter, I provide the following recommendation: “Bees tend to re-occupy, so return of another swarm to this location is likely, if additional actionsContinue reading “We’re BACK!”

Recent Arrival

“How long has the hive been there?” Whenever I am answering a request to do a honeybee hive removal for someone, I have a series of questions I ask.  Did you spray them?  How high are they?  Are they aggressive?  Are they getting inside? I just added the question above to my list, because theContinue reading “Recent Arrival”

Taking the Job

“Mr. Lawton?” “No, ma’am.  That was my dad.  I am just Crorey.” “Oh.” Not an unusual start to a conversation – it usually starts this way.  After introductions, get down to the business of signing contracts, and walk out with a contract for $200 per hive removal.  Discounted because the city is letting you useContinue reading “Taking the Job”

Nylon Screen

Congratulations.  You just wasted 15 dollars more (you are only getting $200 for this, by the way).  The nylon does not hold up, flopping closed before you ever even apply the glue to it.  Worse, because you cut it to try it out, you can’t even return it to Home Depot.  Would you like toContinue reading “Nylon Screen”

Don’t Look – Long Way Down

I extended my 20′ ladder to its full length, and placed it against the front wall of Mr. Stephen Edmonson’s house.  I clambered up, I stood on the top available rung, and still fell about four feet short of being able to peer into the hive. This beehive removal was going to be tricky. StephenContinue reading “Don’t Look – Long Way Down”

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