My Girl and the Girls

Lucie does not like my side hustle. Not one little bit. Our dachshund is an intrepid eleven pounds of fierce play. She barks when someone is at the door, letting us know that there is a possible intruder. She is always ready to chase a stray squirrel or take on the neighbor’s rooster. She doesContinue reading “My Girl and the Girls”

An Unsuccessful Blog Entry

He got to watch the bees invade his home. Cool, and terrifying at the same time. Greg Nohra was sitting in his home office, and looked up from his laptop and there were bees outside the window. Lots of bees. Fascinated, he grabbed his phone and started filming. And then he got buzzed. There wasContinue reading “An Unsuccessful Blog Entry”

Yep. I Fell Through the Floor.

It is the first job of the season, and it came about in the usual way – word of mouth. Quinton, Toyota salesman extraordinaire, listened for a long half hour as I nerded out about bees in the Toyota showroom last week. I talked and I lectured, and, impressive salesman that he is, Quinton managedContinue reading “Yep. I Fell Through the Floor.”

Bees in the Mail

I ordered bees this week. They will arrive some time early in April. In. The. Mail. (I should probably mention to John, our friendly neighborhood mailman – that they are on the way. He might want to take a week off…) I have always thought that was one of the coolest things about beekeeping –Continue reading “Bees in the Mail”

How long have they been there?

With trees, you count the rings. With obsidian, you view the layers of hydrated glass. With archaeological stuff, you use 14C dating, or associated artifacts that have been securely dated elsewhere. One of the questions I usually get asked when doing a removal is “How long have they been there?” The homeowner just wants toContinue reading “How long have they been there?”

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