Love on the Battlefield

The setting of the National Cemetery at the Vicksburg National Military Park is one of the most peaceful ones imaginable.  The rolling loess hillside, graves in neat rows, each section terraced to provide a continuity among the gathered dead.  Oak trees, expanded to their full canopied width.  Magnificent magnolia trees, filled with heady blossoms.  AncientContinue reading “Love on the Battlefield”

Pretender to the Throne

She has no claim on this throne, but she went in, nevertheless. 2 queens, 2 cages, 3 nurse bees to help out.  $37.50 each. Last Saturday, I bought a nucleus hive and two queens from my mentor.  (A recent flood had taken out a bunch of his ‘nucs’, and he only had one that heContinue reading “Pretender to the Throne”

The Beverly Carol – a B&B&B

It seems as though working at heights is my go-to job now.  Once again, I had a bee removal effort in Vicksburg, where the elevation of the job just gave me pause. The entrance to this hive at the Beverly Carol – a historic home in the downtown area of Vicksburg,  was high on theContinue reading “The Beverly Carol – a B&B&B”

Duff Green Removal, Part 2 (Or How I learned to avoid the sting and love the bomb.)

So most of the time, when I get a call to remove bees, it is because the bees have begun to migrate inside the house.Not this time. This was the second hive removal from Duff Green, and the one that I was most worried about.  With the first removal, I was able to stand, kneel,Continue reading “Duff Green Removal, Part 2 (Or How I learned to avoid the sting and love the bomb.)”

Taking, Pried In my Work, with a Stinging Postscript

Back at it. (If you just want to read about me getting stung repeatedly, skip to that part of the story at the bottom of the entry, under follow-up:) I was determined today to remove the eave bracket and get at the honeybees inside.  Suited up, grabbed the crowbar, and started crowbarring. The first partContinue reading “Taking, Pried In my Work, with a Stinging Postscript”

The Flowers Appear on the Earth – Honeybee edition

With bated breath, I opened my hives this weekend.  Saturday was a warmer day for us, with temperatures in the mid-60s.  I watched the bees come and go from each of the three hives that had survived last summer and fall, and they were carrying loads of pollen into their homes.  My girls were busy.Continue reading “The Flowers Appear on the Earth – Honeybee edition”

Make no Mistake

This was a terrible idea. After a day, you revisit the site, and vacuum the huge number of bees collecting outside, trying to find their way into the hive using the old entrance.  And for whatever reason, the vacuum is more successful than previous days, and you actually get draw through the bucket.  Thousands uponContinue reading “Make no Mistake”

Taking the Job

“Mr. Lawton?” “No, ma’am.  That was my dad.  I am just Crorey.” “Oh.” Not an unusual start to a conversation – it usually starts this way.  After introductions, get down to the business of signing contracts, and walk out with a contract for $200 per hive removal.  Discounted because the city is letting you useContinue reading “Taking the Job”

Tie-Down Straps to Secure the Box

Great Idea.  Tie-Down Straps give a tight, secure connection that are easy to use, and will not deteriorate or be affected by wind or weather.  They can be cinched down as tightly as needed.  They are sturdy. The only problem is making the attachment. You are taking the box up a rickety 30′ ladder, toContinue reading “Tie-Down Straps to Secure the Box”

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