Meet Queen Nohra

A week and a half ago, I responded to a request to remove a hive of honeybees that had set up their apartment inside of someone’s house. Re-homing bees does not always work. Sometimes, the girls decide the new space is too large, or not large enough, or doesn’t smell exactly the way it should….

And then some times it is juuuuust right.

Today, I opened their temporary home – a snug five-frame hive that provided a nice starter home, but would get cramped pretty quickly. Y’all, I was thrilled when I pulled out a frame and found eggs and brood. That means that the queen transferred over, and she was feeling at home.

And then I saw her.

Y’all, may I present Queen Nohra? Feel free to compliment her on her sizeable derrière, for which she is justifiably proud.

I have been alternating between singing Queen’s “Fat-Bottomed Girls” and a well-known tune by Sir Mix-a-lot.

I have more removals pending. I have one package of bees arriving through the mail. There will be swarms and splits.

But right now, today, I have a queen, and am very proud to be her loyal subject.

Isn’t she GORGEOUS?

Published by Company Bee

Novice beekeeper trying to help out.

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