First Job of the Season

I feel a little rusty.  For a while last summer, I was doing honeybee hive removals pretty regularly, and I had my toolkit together, and knew what I needed to do, and in what order.  Each one presented new challenges, but I had the pieces covered. Now it has been months, and I have aContinue reading “First Job of the Season”

The Flowers Appear on the Earth – Honeybee edition

With bated breath, I opened my hives this weekend.  Saturday was a warmer day for us, with temperatures in the mid-60s.  I watched the bees come and go from each of the three hives that had survived last summer and fall, and they were carrying loads of pollen into their homes.  My girls were busy.Continue reading “The Flowers Appear on the Earth – Honeybee edition”

Back to the Drawing Board

Sometimes, it is best to just take a beat, and read, and think, and plan a little more.  Sure, there is a time for action, but sometimes, you gain insight by putting the chutzpah on hold and plotting things through a little better. The books talk a lot about trap-outs, and how they work.  Essentially,Continue reading “Back to the Drawing Board”

Removals (x2)

“I am reading through this contract, and the way I read it, you will not replace the work that you tear out.  Am I reading that right?” It is a fair question.  A fair thing to ask.  Mr. Victor Robinson has a tenant who was looking to have bees removed from his back porch, andContinue reading “Removals (x2)”

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