How long have they been there?

With trees, you count the rings. With obsidian, you view the layers of hydrated glass. With archaeological stuff, you use 14C dating, or associated artifacts that have been securely dated elsewhere. One of the questions I usually get asked when doing a removal is “How long have they been there?” The homeowner just wants toContinue reading “How long have they been there?”

Gumption Trap

The Beekeep approaches the removal while all of his companions, fainting from hunger, looked on. The hum from the hive intensifies slightly, as the guard bees go on alert. The hot sun beats down on the unshaded heads of the travelers standing in the field. The beekeep sets his shoulders to the task, and beginsContinue reading “Gumption Trap”

Karen Bees (Or, I need to speak to your manager)

After removing bees from my Shadow’s house, I was under strict instructions to do what I could to make sure that the bees survived the transplant. (If you haven’t read that entry, you should). Transplanting bees is not always easy. A whole bunch of factors come into play with re-homing bees, and they can beContinue reading “Karen Bees (Or, I need to speak to your manager)”

Pushing them too far

After working with mean honeybees for a couple of weeks straight, I really wanted a nice, simple, friendly interaction with bees to restore my confidence. A sting or two is ok and expected, especially with a removal where you are taking the bees out of their home and away from their resources. It makes sense.Continue reading “Pushing them too far”

We’re BACK!

For every bee removal job I complete, I provide some strongly worded suggestions about what the next steps need to be. After explaining that you DO NOT want me as your repair carpenter, I provide the following recommendation: “Bees tend to re-occupy, so return of another swarm to this location is likely, if additional actionsContinue reading “We’re BACK!”

Honeybees – 57; Crorey – 0

The honeybee removal job was clearly going to be a tough one; one that was going to require some serious problem solving. Trinity Episcopal Church had some bees that had taken up residence over the entrance to the church. They were going and coming from the flashing just above the gutter, and by the looksContinue reading “Honeybees – 57; Crorey – 0”

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