Gumption Trap

The Beekeep approaches the removal while all of his companions, fainting from hunger, looked on. The hum from the hive intensifies slightly, as the guard bees go on alert. The hot sun beats down on the unshaded heads of the travelers standing in the field. The beekeep sets his shoulders to the task, and beginsContinue reading “Gumption Trap”

Honeybees – 57; Crorey – 0

The honeybee removal job was clearly going to be a tough one; one that was going to require some serious problem solving. Trinity Episcopal Church had some bees that had taken up residence over the entrance to the church. They were going and coming from the flashing just above the gutter, and by the looksContinue reading “Honeybees – 57; Crorey – 0”

Cool Day for a Cutout

I had just finished my conversation and was walking back to my truck. Remembering something, I went back inside and handed her my card. “I always forget to do that. Seems silly to carry them around if I am not going to hand them out.” “Thank you. We really need those things gone.” The womanContinue reading “Cool Day for a Cutout”

Bee-ing in the Delta

28 March, 2020. The light from the pre-dawn sunrise just started to touch the horizon as I entered the Mississippi Delta region. Cup of McD coffee in hand, smile on my face, I am headed to retrieve bees from a farm in Valley Park, Mississippi. Earlier this week, Kathe came into my office while IContinue reading “Bee-ing in the Delta”

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