My Girl and the Girls

Lucie does not like my side hustle. Not one little bit.

Our dachshund is an intrepid eleven pounds of fierce play. She barks when someone is at the door, letting us know that there is a possible intruder. She is always ready to chase a stray squirrel or take on the neighbor’s rooster.

She does not love bees.

Last year, there was a point in my work where there were bees everywhere. I was involved with a couple of removals, and I was coming and going with my suit on, and there are always a couple of bees that hitch a ride, and show up inside. I always gather them up and show them to the door. There were a lot of bees in our yard, too, and one of my girls got a little anxious when Lucie sniffed a little too close, and it got in her fur and started buzzing.

I have to admit that a buzzing bee in the hair is unnerving.

Lucie was unnerved.

And so since then, every time I come inside with the suit on, Lu runs and hides under the bed in the back of the house. Intrepid be damned. She. Is. Under. The. Bed.

Yesterday, I successfully removed a lovely swarm in front of the home of Mrs. Pat Simrall, who lives just south of town. I got there, lifted a bucket, scraped the bees into the bucket, put a lid on it, and drove away.

When I got back to the house, the swarm dropped into my box, and everything was OK. Next door neighbor even helped film it (thanks, Jared!).

I stopped by one last time this morning, because there would be a small group of forager bees that I could grab and re-integrate with their sisters. Thirty seconds later, I am on the road again with a small cluster of bees in the sealed bucket, set on the floorboard of the truck.

Here is where Lucie gets upset.

Kathe and I regularly go to Waffle House for breakfast, and Lucie will often come along for the ride. After breakfast, Lucie switches cars, and sits in the passenger’s seat in my truck. She looks out the window, or just enjoys the morning light as we drive. Except this morning. She gets clipped into her seat….

Right next to the bees.

As far as the leash will let her go.

The whole ride home, she is shaking like a leaf, on account of the 30 bees in the sealed bucket.

Under Crorey’s arm is probably safe

Once we finally get home, Lucie gets out of the truck in record time, and races to the front door where she is safe. I deposit the bees in the backyard next to the box, and all is well.

And we didn’t even need to get under the bed.

Well, not this time….

Just a few more bees to the mix.

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Novice beekeeper trying to help out.

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