Don’t Look – Long Way Down

I extended my 20′ ladder to its full length, and placed it against the front wall of Mr. Stephen Edmonson’s house.  I clambered up, I stood on the top available rung, and still fell about four feet short of being able to peer into the hive. This beehive removal was going to be tricky. StephenContinue reading “Don’t Look – Long Way Down”

Removals (x2)

“I am reading through this contract, and the way I read it, you will not replace the work that you tear out.  Am I reading that right?” It is a fair question.  A fair thing to ask.  Mr. Victor Robinson has a tenant who was looking to have bees removed from his back porch, andContinue reading “Removals (x2)”

Bees Inside

Bee-tween the window and the drapes. I love bees.  Bees are a delightful part of nature. But.  Nature, I am told, is intended to remain outside the walls of our homes.  To establish our safe haven within a location of our choosing, we beat back the weeds and the animals and the insects, and weContinue reading “Bees Inside”

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