I asked off work for Friday afternoon to take care of the first of four hive removal projects. The place is just lovely – a two-story antebellum home that overlooks the old path that the Mississippi River took in front of Vicksburg. The bees had occupied the second-floor balcony and were making a nuisance ofContinue reading “Can’t….quite….reach”

Cool Day for a Cutout

I had just finished my conversation and was walking back to my truck. Remembering something, I went back inside and handed her my card. “I always forget to do that. Seems silly to carry them around if I am not going to hand them out.” “Thank you. We really need those things gone.” The womanContinue reading “Cool Day for a Cutout”

Which way did she go?

Sawzall in hand, I stood at the ready position. My next door neighbor, Jared, was acting as videographer, ready to capture the youtube video of a horrible mishap that will make me posthumously famous. Bees, power equipment, slick grass, intermittent drizzle, what could go wrong? Mercifully, the phone rang. “This is Crorey.” “Are you theContinue reading “Which way did she go?”

Bee-ing in the Delta

28 March, 2020. The light from the pre-dawn sunrise just started to touch the horizon as I entered the Mississippi Delta region. Cup of McD coffee in hand, smile on my face, I am headed to retrieve bees from a farm in Valley Park, Mississippi. Earlier this week, Kathe came into my office while IContinue reading “Bee-ing in the Delta”

Straightforward. Yeah, right.

“WHY would I use the word ‘straightforward’ in ANY sentence involving beehive removal work??” I stared at the wall, hoping solutions would appear.  Solutions failed to appear.  I stared some more.  Solutions persisted in their absence. The job was supposed to be relatively straightforward.  My boss at the Corps had a hive that had shownContinue reading “Straightforward. Yeah, right.”

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